Who the Hell is Preston Ely and Why does Preston Ely Have so many Products? Let me start off by saying that if you have not heard of Preston Ely, You are probably New to Real Estate Investing. Preston Ely is the effin King of Wholesaling.

Preston Ely is a guy who has made it to the top of the mountian and has made millions and millions of dollars in real estate investing. I am proud to say that preston ely is one of my mentors. I am climbing my way to the top.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? This life we live is 95% mental. Problems we face are further edged on by worrying about them rather than use our brain to think of a way to get out of them. The music we listen to and the movies we watch also affect the way we think. If your constantly listening to a music about robbing people and stealing to solve your problems, what do you think will cross your mind once and a while? You need to be putting positive people into your life and into your minde.

If you know of Preston Ely, then you should know about all of preston elys products. If you do not know about preston ely and his products I am going to explain them and give you a list here. Lets first talk about his red pill product. Its all about training your mind and body in order to become more successful.

Right now if you want to be successul in life, you need to train your brain. The red pill has around 20 videos about a few things like how you need to build a stronger mind with stronger positive thinking, eat healthy (not Boston Market) and getting closer to God.

On my road to success, I’ve come upon many obstacles. Times where I know many would have given up. Where many would have began getting together a resume and started looking for a spot in the rat race. Yea I was skeptical about Preston too at first but it wasn’t him that I researched. It was what he was selling. The idea. FLIPPING HOUSES. I found out that around 80% of home buyers today, are investors paying cash money.

Their buying these homes and renting thembut when the market get good again, they’ll sell to FHA buyers and the late bloomers who were scared to invest in the market during the best time EVER.

Flipping houses is hard if you don’t have what it takes. You have to understand that this game is for the most part, MENTAL. Thats were education and a solid positive attitude comes in play. Lets now talk about the education part. I recommend all of my readers, start learning about Preston Ely and his products.

Preston Ely’s products include

Flip Your way to Financial Freedom ( Click Below for a Special $1 link, yes get his ebook for $1)

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This eBook changed my life. Before I found preston ely, i read tons of ebooks and went through every course out there. there is no better course right now for $1. Except my course 🙂


The Reo Rock Star by Preston Ely and Lee Kearnery

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If you have ever thought about investing and flipping REO’s you need this. They will show you how to flip REO’s with NO Money. I went through the course and we have started flipping reos.

Preston Elys Product -Deeds from the Dead (aka Probates by Preston)

>>>>>>>DeedsfromtheDead.com <<<<<<

This is one of my favorite preston ely products. We have bought and sold several houses because of this course alone. I highly recommend you watch the video and learn how you can benefit from this untapped market.

The Holy Grail of Real Estate Investing Products

Preston Elys #1 product -FreedomSoft ($37 special running right now, get it before it closes)

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What can I say about preston elys product FreedomSoft? Well its the best product hands down that I have ever seen. Its a real estate software that automates so much of the real estate investing process. I my real estate business I make atleast 10 offers a week.

With freedomsoft I can easily make and offer in less than 10 minutes. If you do not have FreedomSoft you are at a disadvantage. Preston Ely has around 5 other products that

I will tough on in another blog post. for now check out the links above and learn about preston ely and his amazing products.

To Your Success,

Christopher Seder

Some real estate secrets are right out there in the open for everyone to see. The second secret below, for example, is simply to make low offers. Real estate agents and others will argue that you just waste everyone’s time because low offers just aren’t accepted, but common sense and experience say that they do sometimes work. Other secrets are not so obvious, as this first one demonstrates:

Real Estate Secret #1

Get educated.  In order to become a real estate investor you need to get education.  Right now there is more education out there and more and more gurus popping up.  Look into free education like my 7 steps to real estate riches course http://realestateflippingriches.com

This course will help you determine if real estate investing is right for you. Inside the course I reveal all of the real estate secrets you need to know.

Real Estate Secret Making Low Offers

Making low offers on real estate can be a great way to get cheap real estate. But don’t expect to make a few really low offers and snag a great piece of real estate at half-price. We have found that you need to make around 20 to 30 offers to find a good deal.  Now that might be different in every area.

1. Find sellers likely to accept a low offer.  Sellers that need to sell.

2. Make a lot of offers.

Start by identifying “motivated sellers.” A motivated seller is someone that needs to sell because of financial distress or the property is in physical distress.  Find these types of people and you will find good deals.

Make a lot of offers. Most sellers – even motivated ones – will say no to an offer that is 15% to 20% below their asking price. We make offers around 50% of the After repair value.  And we are getting deals like crazy.  But its takes work to find the people willing to sell at that price.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a property in your hands by the time you’ve made 100 offers, you may be going too low on your offers, or targeting the wrong properties

The Number 1 secret for real estate investing is……

Get a Mentor.  A mentor can show you a proven real estate investing system to follow and hold your hand while you are doing real estate deals.

The only reason I have been successful in real estate investing is because I have had a mentor guide me in my real estate investing journey.

If you would like to get real estate coaching go to


Keep learning and growing my friend and you will have success in real estate..

Watch this Youtube Video about

real estate secrets


Can you make money flipping houses

Most people when they are getting started or thinking about getting started in real estate investing, their first question is, Can you really make money flipping houses? I know there are a lot of people who think you can, or tell you you can. I am here to show you proof that you can actually get started today and start making. Below are some examples of ways you can make money flipping houses. You can wholesale a house for quick profit, rehab a house for profit and even flip a mobile home quickly for profit. The key to making money flipping houses is to follow a simple proven process. You need to know how to find deals, evaluate the leads, determine what to offer and then what to do. Its that simple. Once you know how to do all of this you can easily flip a house in less than two weeks and make a quick $5,000, $10,000 or more. You do this by Wholesaling houses.

For more information make sure you get my free course at


can you make money flipping houses The house above was a very quick flip. The only repairs needed was painting the house and mowing the lawn. Guess what? Right now there are thousands of these houses sitting around waiting for you to grab up. You can make money flipping houses in todays real estate market.   esaling Houses?”][/caption] Wholesaling real estate is one of the fastest ways you can start making money flipping houses. right now there are thousands of investors and land lords out there looking for cheap houses. A wholesalers job is to help these land lords find awesome deals. Watch my Youtube Video titled Can You make money Flipping Houses By clicking the link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im9wpsaqcQk

Real Estate Free Training

I’m frequently requested by people “How can you get began in real estate investing?” My response to this has become clearer in my experience the greater I give a solution. However, before I say to you my answer, allow me to share some findings which i make during the period of my trading career. The The almighty has truly fortunate me during my property trading endeavors and, consequently, I’ve had the chance to satisfy other effective traders through the country.

First, allow me to clarify things i consider effective. Success isn’t measured in how much money that certain offers, but around the lifestyle that certain lives. You will find individuals who’re legitimately effective and you will find individuals who fake it. After I make reference to effective people, I am speaking concerning the authentic ones – those who have “showed up.” To tell the truth, Personally i think sorry for individuals that want to fake success.

My effective buddies all like to discuss their war tales -“What existence was once like.” After diligently hearing them, I’ve observed a typical theme all of them share. Most not really recognizing it themselves.

Do you consider the most popular thread is education? As I can’t stress the significance of property education enough, that isn’t it. (You will find many educated traders, but couple of effective traders.

Property education is comparatively cheap and simple to find. Actually, you will find many people available who’re so educated concerning the techniques, they skip trading and choose to create courses and train classes regarding the subject. But it’s been stated that if you wish to be effective, you have to study from someone more effective than yourself.) The important thing to being effective like a property investor is planning. Effective traders also have a game title plan. Educated traders only understand how to do deals. They do not know why they’re doing deals or where they’re going. They simply aimlessly pursue possibilities.

I aimlessly invested for 2 years before I put an agenda into position. Used to do 100 deals during my first couple of many was essentially beginning on your own after i stopped. After evaluating things i had completed in 2 yrs, I emerged having a intend on the way i would reach where I thought about being. My existence has transformed greatly since approaching with my plan! It’s not because I’ve done more deals, but because I’ve done less. Frequently the mindset from the investor is, “Basically could only do more deals, I’d succeed.Inch Remember whenever you were an worker?

Have you ever think, “If perhaps there have been more hrs per day, i quickly perform another 10 hrs and earn more money.Inch A number of you reading through this short article can always maintain this mindset.

The response to these ideas is planning. You need to be responsible for the existence, your money, your investing, as well as your actions. You will find important actions that effective traders could make plans for, for example:

They Control Their Debt

You have to take control of your debt (i.e. repay it). For those who have it, debt will probably be your master. It’ll lead you to lose sleep during the night, pressure you to definitely hold onto your work, and you doing stuff that you won’t want to do. All my effective buddies stopped accumulating debt. They no more buy cars along with other consumer products, eat at restaurants or spent anything unless of course they have the funds to get it done. Most of them even scaly back their life styles. Personally, i moved into a condo, the industry common theme among a lot of my buddies. These were willing to stop the “glamorous lifestyle” for a while to be able to live a life-style that will permit them to live their dreams. They emerged having a plan to repay their debt and vowed to not accumulate anymore.

They Are Fully Aware What They Need From Existence

Not everybody can tell what she or he wants from existence. Actually, most people don’t. After I speak with others regarding their goals, most will say something like, “I wish to make $250,000 each yearInch or “I wish to have $5 million staying with you.Inch After I request them why, they cannot answer the question. They normally respond, “Because I would like it.” Then that dream dies as soon as they need another thing. Frequently people believe that making or getting lots of money will cure everything and provide them the existence they want. This can be a lie that society wants us to think. If you do not know your work, money could make you miserable. However, money along with a plan can set you free.

They could Focus

To be able to be effective at anything, you have to become proficient at it. The mindset of the property investor will be effective rapidly. Nobody sits lower and comprises an agenda to become financially free in 4 decades! It’s a lot more like 2 to 3 years, though many people will really give 5 to 10 years a go, but that’s rare. The good thing is that 2 to 3 years can alter your existence for those who have an agenda and direction. Without these power tools, these years could ruin your existence. Traders who focus normally look for a niche in tangible estate trading and pursue it. They aren’t going after all various kinds of trading. (Individuals who sell “the entire toolbox” of courses might be angry at me for saying this simply because they will sell less if you think maybe that you simply just have one way of trading. However I just tell it the way i view it.)

A few of these concepts and steps appear so easy and, in fact, they are really. However, many people who I speak with believe they’re already carrying this out. But it is likely their “plan” is actually not really a plan. They do not know where they’re going, how they will make it happen, what method they will use to obtain there, how lengthy it will decide to try make it happen, or how to proceed on the way when they go missing. Usually they simply run in circles until they get tired after which bow out together with most of the other people who have bowed from the property trading game through the years. Very couple of allow it to be, because very couple of plan.

Effective individuals don’t achieve their dreams accidentally. You should not either.

Grab a Copy of My FREE real estate Training Video Course Today!

Real Estate Investing Billings Mt

Best Way to sit and learn Real Estate Trying out Billings Montana

Real estate investment investing bird-dogging within Billings Montana is a process of finding cheap deals on property thereafter getting paid for this. You provide option traders with property leads and they pay you for the leads. An example will be Big Sky Premises Solutions LLC will pay you for choosing a vacant house $250 just for driving buy and writing down the address. Big Sky Property Solutions LLC pays the $250 whenever they end up buying the house. This happens because not all buildings are deals. With vacant house in case the bird dog puts in many extra effort and find the owners with the vacant house they likely pay an extra $250 at shutting.

Why do you call it chicken dogging?

Investors call that bird dogging to create are going out and about and retrieving leads for investors. Like a bird dog fades and gets creatures for hunters. It’s just a name personally it ought to be called something prefer lead retriever but which happen to have never really caught on.

The potential benefits to Bird-dogging.

You need not have good credit ratings. With traditional real estate investment investing Billings mt more often than not you need to enjoy good credit to getting a loan and shop for houses. There are ways to turn into a rock star investor without good consumer credit but bird-dogging is a good place to start out and earn more income in Billings Montana.

There isn’t a money needed. I know its hard to think but all you really need to start is to help walk around a few neighborhoods to see houses or perhaps even just hear of someone aiming to sell quickly.

This is also probably the greatest ways to learn an industry and learn about real estate investment investing in Billings mt.

When do you really get paid for real estate investing billings mt packages?

From my experience you will be getting a check in as small as three weeks. There is nevertheless several factors designed to go into how soon you can expect to receive your check.

Some real est investing billings mt promotions take longer so that you can close on. Because there’s often liens at properties which takes a little extra time to get cleared up from the title. Also some sellers may wish to take their time for it to close, so they’re able to find new lifestyle arrangements.

We usually tight on properties in 1 month but do are able to close in as little as 3 days you might find. It all will depend on the situation.

Why we cover billings mt home investing leads

Successful the property market investors know we cannot possibly get to all the discounted prices out here or discover them. I spend a lot of time meeting with clients, realtors and holding projects on task. Bird Dogs are usually essential for all investors to help you find all very reputable deals in Billings Montana.

Here is what be looking designed for.

Property owners who will sell their house below market value because something about their house is causing these individuals pain. We are providing a site to them, with the main benefit of immediate sale. Most motivated property owners are planning to sell for less for the reason that just want out and about. They cannot afford to earn the necessary repairs their house needs. The residence payments are destroying them and breaking their credit. Everything that would the homeowners do without you and me; they would lose your house and get nothing from this.

The reason sellers plan to sell include Separation and divorce, death in the family, downsizing, drug addiction, cant afford installment payments, relocation, no patience, bank is likely to foreclose on your property, bough another house and could not sell their own other house, cant spend taxes, violations from the city, dont enjoy neighborhood, also landlords who’re tired of negative tenants.

There are numerous more reasons nevertheless these are just one or two.

So to finish off do you think you need to make some extra money in your extra time looking for empty houses and motivated sellers? If you decide to do, contact Substantial Sky Property Options LLC . Becoming a real-estate bird dog is the foremost starting point for anyone looking to get into real estate trying out Billings Montana. Escape there and get some deals nowadays.

For more education on home investing go to help you RealEstateFlippingRiches. com .

Tips Flipping Real Estate

by RealEstateFlippingRiches.com

Except if you’ve been dwelling underneath a rock for the past number of years, you’ve possibly possibly dabbled in flipping true estate yourself, or at the really least, know a person who has. So, how does someone that is brand name new to real estate begin flipping homes? (And let us obvious the air proper now… IT IS NOT Also LATE to start off investing in actual estate). This post will give you suggestions for flipping real estate.

Though we have observed several ups and down in the housing industry since of the financial slump, investors who are inclined to take pitfalls typically locate approaches to make speedy income very easily. One of the quickest techniques to make profits in Flipping true estate investing is to flip properties. Flipping qualities refers to acquiring a piece of house and reselling it to a larger cost. The duration in which a residence can be resold may differ to a handful of weeks to numerous months. In buy to productively break via this sort of real estate investment venture, 1 has to research for homes that are being provided reduced than its true price. You can increase its worth by renovating the residence. The biggest ideas for flipping actual estate is to just get started.

There are a variety of good reasons why certain homes are being marketed significantly less than its genuine worth. Some aspects contain not long ago divorced partners who want to dispose certain homes rapidly or affreux off home owners who can no more time manage to spend the house loan. You can get advantage of this chance to flip homes and generate hundreds of bucks in profits. Nonetheless, there are particular factors that want to be taken into consideration just before flipping properties.

There are two methods to flip a property, both of which are regarded as fairly solid kinds of investing in Flipping real estate ideas. 1 way is to buy a home and resell that residence without at any time utilizing that room. This is generally performed days following purchasing the house to get more rapidly income. The payoff from buying and them reselling the house rapidly is much less than the second solution whereby one can acquire the residence, renovate it and then market it off at a higher cost. Even small repairs could boost the all round appeal of the residence.

Notice that expert real estate flippers just take into account the local actual estate industry and use it to their benefit. While it is feasible to opportunity into this form of actual estate expense opportunity on your personal, it is usually greatest to seek the services of an agent in the first handful of transactions. This will help you discover the ropes of the business. You can also understand much more by exploring from numerous resources like the world wide web or even neighborhood dailies and lockup for homes that are up for sale.

Keep in mind to Get the seven Methods to True Estate Riches video clip course and your motion prepare to day You will discover specifically what guidelines you will need to start off flipping actual estate
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Real Estate Flipping Secrets Amazon Review

Learn the Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Real Estate Investing

Do you want to learn how to make $5,000, $10,000 or more every month Real Estate Flipping Secrets is the Course for you.   This is a step by step course that will walk you through the process from finding Real estate deals, to evaluating deals, to wholesaling or rehabbing the houses.

Right now wholesaling real estate is one of the best options out there.  With not a lot of homeowners being able to qualify for loans its hard to fix up and re-sell a property.  But there are thousands of land lords out there looking for cheap houses they can use as rentals.

Real Estate Flipping Secrets will show you how to find the best wholesale deals and how to flip these deals to other investors quickly.

You will learn how to fund your real estate deals,  Market on the internet and much more.


  • Real Estate Income Secrets
  • Classified Ad Riches
  • How to Create Your Own $20 Web Site Video Series
  • a 60 day action plan
  • Profit from Probates
  • and tons of contracts

I believe that Real Estate Flipping Secrets is one of the best courses for beginners on the market today.   And the Most reasonably Priced.     You get so much information for what the course costs its crazy.

With this course you also get a 60 Day IRON Clad Money back guarantee.   There is not risk at all.

As you an I both know real estate investing is the fastest way to financial freedom.  More millionaires are made because of real estate and right now real estate is selling at an all time low.

One of my favorite chapter in Real Estate Flipping Secrets is a Chapter on Flipping Mobile Homes.  Did you know that you can buy Cheap mobile homes, fix them up and then resell them for a 100% return on your money.   Or you can use them as rentals.

Because so many people have been foreclosed on in the past few years Mobile homes are becoming very popular.   They are affordable and people with bad credit can get into them.

I Give Real Estate Flipping Secrets an A++++++++   Get this course, you will Make Money and it will help you to get started in real estate investing.

Get the Amazon Kindle Version.


The Reo rock Star home Study Course Review

The Art of Flipping REOS

In today’s culture, everybody is chasing the dollar. I was as soon as aside of this race thinking that the only way to riches was becoming well-known or a reo Rock Star.

Well soon after doing work quite a few lifeless end work opportunities and residing off of goals, I made the decision it was time to just take a likelihood and flip my goals into my truth. I obtained into actual estate.
In this industry? I want to be an reo rock star.

Now all I heard was “In this market”. Nearly every time I would notify an individual I was getting into true estate, they would occur with that, so I found my self both not telling specific men and women who I understood had been closed minded or after telling them, I went into this speech about how the marketplace is various blah blah blah.

Being an reo rock star was a Waste of time due to the fact a whole lot of the time, until folks see you using a course of motion, their likely to imagine one of the most deceiving forms of details in our current culture. The News.
Turn off that *&$@# Tv!

Now I look at the news to maintain up with the climate simply because I’m out and about by way of out the day and I would loathe to turn on a street with nothing but vacant houses and then a hurricane will come out of no in which.

Let’s just says it’s difficult writing down addresses with water all around your windows.

Anywho, a single thing the information explained is genuine. In 2011, there will be an astronomical amount of foreclosures to hit the marketplace and yes that is unfortunate for a lot of, but for us investors, that’s “ching ching$“.
Money in the Bizank! The time of the REO Rock Star has begun.

Banking institutions are going to be flooded with properties and their heading to require to get rid of them as soon as feasible.

The following happens you, Super Offer a Residence, the greatest genuine estate reo rock star in the land.

Ok a tiny far fetched but being that their heading to need to get these houses off their books and there are lazy folks with a lot, and I suggest a great deal of funds, this is the best time for you and me to get these properties from the lender and sell them to the lazy investors.

Purpose I say lazy is since there is genuine work involved in acquiring REO’s beneath contract but if you have a method in area, this could be as effortless as counting from one-3 and I’m not criticizing them for becoming lazy. I adore that they are.
Simple as 1-2-3

Get the REO rock Star Home Study Course Now Click here

Say you get an investor who desires a specific type of property to money flow. Nicely all you have to do is find that certain property in the hundreds that are offered and it’s sold just before you even get it. Your just providing them what they want and don’t want to locate by themselves.

Now looking via thousands of homes could audio hard but honestly, it is incredibly easy if you get MLS entry or are pals with a realtor. Verify out my post that gives strategies on acquiring MLS accessibility without having staying an agent.
Handle no Trick

My buddy Preston has joined forces with the REO rockstar himself, Lee Kearney, to generate the best program at any time on how to connect REO’s and generally have the bank falling at your ft ready to do specials with you.
Has this course labored for me?

yes and here’s why. I have taken the reo rock star home study course principles and used them in my own market.

I can guarantee the reo rock star home study course works simply because he’s using this program to the MAX and search how significantly he’s bringing in.

I have not provided up. I just understand that I have to come at the marketplace from a diverse angle.
My Advise To You

You have to try out anything or else you immediately fall short. I experimented with flipping REO’s and didn’t have considerably achievement because there are 1000’s of traders likely right after the households that Kearney does not want. Yea he will get 1st pickings then we get to fight above the scraps.

Could you envision becoming the Lee Kearney of your town? You too can become an reo rock star.

It could take place but you have to Try initial. You need to get educated and get the reo rock star home study course today.

You could currently know how to flip REO’s or you can lookup Google for months gathering information but if you truly want to be an REO Rockstar, flipping lender owned properties without having making use of any of your income, really do not procrastinate. Begin flipping REOs nowadays. The Reo rock star home study course is the only course on the market right now that I highly reccommend.
What Most Gurus Don’t Tell You About Flipping REO’s

Now I get emails from individuals all the time stating their new with no income at all and they would like to flip REO’s. It’s pretty a lot unattainable to flip REO’s with out any money at all.

In buy to set REO’s under contract, you generally have to put a deposit down. In Florida, this is normally amongst $five hundred & $a thousand. The bank will be inquiring for this inside of five days of accepting your contract. Now you can both pay out it by yourself, or like preston ely and Lee Kearney does (and will instruct you in his training course), use other people’s income to fund your offers. It is truly an art sort that he’s mastered. They reveal all of the secrets in their REO rockstar home study course

There is a lot to flipping REO’s. You genuinely have to know what your undertaking before you stage into that shark tank. Like I say understand from the learn.

Get Started Today and become an REO Rockstar, Preston Elys REO RockStar Home Study Course is the Best course on the market.

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REO Rock Star Home Study Course Review and Bonus

REO Rock Star Review

In case you hadn’t heard, Preston Ely and Lee Kearney have rolled out their REO Rock Star training..

I don’t pimp too many products on my blog- only those that are being sold by people I know and respect, or those that I have purchased myself and give my stamp of approval to.

I get emails all the time asking for recommendations on courses that teach how to wholesale REOs, and up until now, I haven’t been able to find any that I would feel comfortable recommending.

I’ll just be blunt here and say that if you are interested in learning how to wholesale REOs, you would be crazy not to sign up for the REO Rock Star Course.

That’s the honest truth.  I don’t know of another wholesaler in Tampa (or anywhere for that matter), who is wholesaling more REOs than Lee Kearney is.   I have been to events where Lee Kearney and Preston Ely Both Spoke about the REO Rock Star and Yes, I purchased the Reo Rock Star Home Study Course. 

I met Lee Kearney and Preston ELy when I was first trying to find my niche, It was at the Very First Freedomsoft even and Preston ELy has been somewhat of a mentor to me since then. He’s the first person I call when I have questions about a deal…. the first person I call when I can’t find a buyer for one of my deals…..the first person I call when I think I might have offered too much on a house and now the bank has countered me back and I’m not sure what to do. Preston Ely is the guy I go to.

I’ve talked with Preston Ely at length about the reo rock star course and have wrote several reo rock star reviews, and I am telling you, if you want to be walked through the process of wholesaling REOs from beginning to end, then you absolutely need to get in on this training.

There’s a lot of crap being peddled out there on the internet, but the reo rock star home study course is the real deal. I don’t know of anyone who is doing more business wholesaling REOs right now in this market. You could not pick a better person to learn from.

I have provided a link to a video that will answer questions and give you a little more insight into what he is going to be offering in this course. He’s shutting the admissions down at midnight tonight (sorry for the late notice), so if you’re interested, make sure you get in by then.


If you can’t swing the reo rock star homestudy course, you can get the REO Rockstar ebook.  It’s only $47!

I have Provided some questions and Answers for You. 

Q. Can an absolute newbie do this strategy?

A. This is the perfect strategy for the newbie because it is so simple, and it doesn’t require cash for marketing, a good credit score, or any special experience to get started. Get started now! »

Q. How quickly can I start making money with the REO Rockstar program? I need money NOW.
The second you get into REO Rockstar, you’ll finally have everything you need to make real money real fast. The reality is that each user brings a unique level of determination, time commitment, and willingness to follow step-by-step instructions. The REO Rockstar program won’t print money for you.. but if you follow the program exactly, dedicate yourself, & work hard, you will be extremely satisfied with the results. Get started now! »

Q. I have a full-time job. Can I make money with the REO Rockstar program in my spare time?
A. Yes. Many REO Rockstar members start during their evening & weekend hours, until their REO investing income is able to replace or significantly supplement their employment income. Get started now! »

Q. Do I need to be a real estate agent to do this?

A. You absolutely do not need to be an agent; use an agent; or even be licensed to follow this strategy. Get started now! »

Q. Isn’t this a bad time for real estate because of the economy?

A. For REO Rockstar members, a so-called “bad” economy creates our opportunity! To us, the economy is amazing. Really. You may not believe it yet, but you will soon enough. Stop watching the news and start getting money. Your family & your future depend on it, and the REO Rockstar program makes it possible. Get started now! »

Q. I’ve been burned by “make money in real estate” stuff before. How is REO Rockstar any different?
A. Other systems give you small pieces of the pie. The REO Rockstar program takes the pie, bakes it for you, slices it into 8 delicious pieces, then spoon feeds you those pieces until you’re fat & happy. From moment one, the REO Rockstar program gives you the tools, the A-to-Z resources, the support, and the personal mentoring you need to make real money as-fast-as-humanly-possible. No more, no less. Get started now! »

Q. I am ready to move forward, but I’m not sure what to do first and how to get started.

A. Just follow the steps in the program. We break this business down into easy-to-follow steps that ANYONE can do! You have nothing to lose, and your freedom to gain. I’m ready to get started now!

P.P.P.S.  Ok Last Ps I promise, If you buy the REO Rock Star Through the Link I have provided. I will give you a Special Bonus. 
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Instant Cash Infusion Reviews

Over the past few years real estate investors have been secrets making a killing assigning contracts or wholesaling. Now there is a way to wholesale houses that no one else is doing. I call them Instant Cash Infusion strategies or “ICI” for short.

A lot of investors I’ve talked with and surveyed are looking for ways to make quick cash in 2011. They like the long term deals with huge paydays like short sales and rehabs BUT they are more concerned about making money now.

If you’re looking to do your first deal or if you’re an experienced investor looking for ways to infuse your business with chunks of cash then you’ll want to pay close attention. Last week I revealed 4 ways to make money in 2011 without banks, bank financing and without having to wait 4-7 months for a payday.

There were over 5,000 people who watched my presentation. I have one more brand new Instant Cash Infusion strategy that can make you quick cash. You can start doing this by Friday and make cash by next Friday. (That’s 7 days!) I scheduled two training presentations for Tuesday night to tell you all about it. Choose the time that works best for you:

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In this presentation I’ll show you 4 unique investing strategies that work right now: *How to make $3,000 – $7,000 “BIRD DOGGING” properties at the foreclosure auction for other investors.

*How to Buy Properties For Your Own Portfolio at the foreclosure auctions. *How to Find and Utilize the Services of Auction Bird Dogs for Yourself so you don’t have to attend the auction. This goes right along with my strategy of creating your own “Apprentice Program” which I’ve been teaching since 2004.

*How to create a buyer’s list of 25-30 investors in one afternoon in order to assign and wholesale your equity, short sale and lease option properties to them. *Using this strategy you can “BIRD DOG” for other experienced investors, find properties for them to buy and get paid quickly for doing it.

*What’s so cool is that you won’t need money, credit, experience, banks or any bank financing just like the other ICI strategies I have been teaching you. “Bird dogging” at the foreclosure auction is Instant Cash Infusion Strategy #5.

Register for one of the training presentations to learn all about it. Choose the time that works best for you:

P.S. There are over 6 million foreclosure properties in “shadow” inventory. These properties are in default, distress and foreclosure and about to hit the market. Using the strategies I’ll show you Tuesday night you can take advantage of some of this inventory and get an Instant Cash Infusion of between $3,000 to $7,000 in the next 16-60 days.



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